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Strategic Planning & Environment Committee

The members of SPEC have skills and expertise that cover architecture, landscape architecture, economics, environment, planning, public policy formulation and governance of public bodies. 

We welcome new members tp thecommittee to deal with the consultation workload.

The Director monitors all Scottish Government (SG), SG agencies and City of Edinburgh (CEC) consultation lists and identifies those that might affect Cockburn interests for timely discussion with SPEC members.

The drafting of the response to selected consultations is divided amongst SPEC members and these are collated by the Director or Convenor (depending upon their respective workloads) for submission by the required deadlines.

Researched by the Director, the final response will include any relevant Cockburn archival material, as well as any comments from other Cockburn committees.

Outcomes of SPEC representations are monitored as resources permit.

SPEC also identifies any policy areas (new or revisions) within its remit that Cockburn may wish to address e.g. Greenbelt protection and formulates drafts for such work for Council to consider.

SPEC members advise the Director about SPEC issues as required.

SPEC members also attend the Edinburg Civic Forum meetings, organised and chaired by the Director in partnership with the City Council and the Development Forum.