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AirBnB Conference Report now available!

Posted on 2 May 2018 by Joe

The report on our Cockburn mini-conference "The AirBnB Phenonemon" is now available here

Prepared by Cockburn Chairman Professor Cliff Hague, the paper outlines the presentations of the speakers at the conference, exploring the history and impact of short-term letting in the city.  It reflects on the significance of tourism to the local economy and examines how other cities such as Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam have addressed the rise of AirBnB. 


The general position from the conference was that short-term letting was an important part of infrastructure supporting tourism and business.  The letting of a room or rooms in a residential unit did not pose a problem; it was the significant increase in “whole flat” lets that was a problem.  This market is currently unregulated, and this must be addressed as a matter of urgency.  The existing tools for dealing with problems are either too vague or too cumbersome.  Our view is that there needs to be regulation, and in tenements then consent of other residents should be required along with proof of insurance.  Short-term letting is an entire property for more than 90 days (whether on AirBnB or through an agency) is a change of use, and therefore requires planning consent.