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West Princes Street Gardens

Posted on 17 May 2018 by Joe

Cockburn calls for significant and inclusive consultation into the future use and management of West Princes Street Gardens.

Following the Cockburn's concerns to the proposed establishment of an Arms Length External Organisation made by Council officials to the Culture and Communities Committee in March 2018 (at which the Committee deferred a decision), the Cockburn has written to all City of Edinburgh Councillors asking for a commitment to consult on not only how the Gardens are to be managed and by whom, but also to consider other scenarios for West Princes Street Gardens other than proposals developed through the recent architectural competition by the Ross Development Trust.

The full letter can be found here.

Professor Cliff Hague OBE, Chairman of the Association said, “West Princes Street Gardens is a key part of Edinburgh’s identity.  It is crucial as an open space and formal gardens, and is as important to the international image of the city as the Castle. What happens here may well influence what happens to all of Edinburgh’s green spaces. Whilst the philanthropic gift vis a vis the Ross Development Trust is welcome and in the best tradition of the City, it should not preclude proper public consideration about the future of this iconic part of Edinburgh that visually makes the transition from the Old Town to the New Town, and exists to serve the public good.” 

The Cockburn Association asks for a full and open consultation with the people of Edinburgh BEFORE the decision is taken on whether to establish an ALEO.  At the same time, public opinion on the development proposals and the alternative scenarios should also be sought.