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Response to public consultation - West Princes Street Gardens

Posted on 7 Sep 2018 by Joe

Cockburn publishes details of its response to the Council consultation exercise.  Details can be found here


The Cockburn Association welcomes this consultation.  

The Cockburn acknowledges the generous work undertaken by the Ross Development Trust, particularly the refurbishment of the Ross Fountain.  We also acknowledge the long-standing horticultural excellence of staff in the Council’s Parks and Gardens team, who have maintained and nurtured WPSG over a considerable period, sustaining it for the enjoyment of citizens and visitors from all over the world.

The gardens are an asset for the public and should be managed as such.  Their benefits are intangible and non-monetary and include not only amenity and visual benefits but psychological and well-being ones as well.  We do not rule out commercial activity in the gardens, but any events should be in sympathy with the overall public and amenity purpose of the gardens, and not conflict with it.  Access closures should be permitted for safety purposes, but not for commercial exclusivity purposes.

The Cockburn resists strongly the idea that the gardens should be developed as a venue for events.  The gardens provide an oasis for residents and visitors alike and act as a respite or counterpoint to the hubris of The Festival City.  It is not a Music Venue nor an exhibition or sports arena.  It is a Public Park.