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Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030 - Cockburn Comments

Posted on 19 Dec 2019 by Lucy

The Cockburn has commented on this important policy paper.  Overall, we recognise that tourism is an important sector for the Edinburgh, its economy and for its environment.  

Growth in tourism is a global trend, driven by strong economic and social forces, and Edinburgh has an asset base that makes it attractive to a world-wide market.

In our view, there is a need for a much more coherent, managed approach to tourism in the city, with much stronger and focused leadership.  Growth should not be an overriding objective for this strategy.  Much greater recognition of the impact of tourism is required by all parties, inside the sector and out.  There need to be a much stronger recognition that tourism needs to be handled and managed, and is as likely to bring significant problems as well as some opportunities.

In an overcrowded and congested city (especially the historic core), we need to recognise that tourism growth, especially at peak times, will not be an unmitigated benefit.

Read our comments here.