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Support Doors Open Day

The Cockburn Association - Edinburgh's Civic Trust - raises the funds to organise Edinburgh Doors Open Day each year.

Each year we need to raise at least £20,000 to cover the basic costs of brochure design, printing, proofing and distribution as well as the sourcing, selecting and supporting of the participating buildings and volunteers.

Staff and friends of the Association help in their own free time to keep costs to a minimum.


How Can I Help?

As an individual you can support Doors Open Day by joining the Cockburn Association. Members receive an advance copy of the brochure, allowing them to book tours, talks and other events ahead of the general public.

You can also receive an early release copy of the brochure by donating £5 below. All donations will help ensure Doors Open Days continues into the future. 

Corporate Donations to Doors Open Day

Supporting Doors Open Day is a unique opportunity to identify your organisation with the very best of the capital’s architecture, design and cultural life. Doors Open Day relies on the support of partners and supporters to create an inclusive, community focused event.

Opportunities to support and contribute to Doors Open Day are available at a variety of levels - 25,000 programme brochures and 200 posters are distributed and the event is widely promoted by the local and national media.

As well as financial support, we welcome support in kind such as discounted brochure design and printing. For more information please contact Terry Levinthal, Director.

Support from Businesses and Organisations

The Association invites local organisations and businesses to show their commitment to Edinburgh’s built and natural environment - past, present and future – by becoming a corporate member of the Cockburn Association. We also welcome businesses and organisations interested in advertising in the Doors Open Days brochure. For more information about advertising, contact us.